Cedar Peg Log Homes

Northern White Cedar
& Western Red Cedar


"A house is a home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul" -Phillip Moffit

Cedar Peg Log Homes uses Natures finest Northern White Cedar & Western Red Cedar to custom craft fine Cedar log homes

Nature produces many types of trees, all with different characteristics. Some woods are insect and decay prone and are not suitable for exterior use without hazardous chemical treatments. But Cedar Peg Log Homes uses only solid Cedar log walls in your home. Cedar is known to be insect and rot resistant, with cedars' durability and sturdiness it tops the list of Mother Nature's finest wood.

Solid cedar walls give that old world charm plus warmth and beauty that will last for centuries.

Your ideas are unlimited in design with our program. Offering 10 different log syles, seven corner styles combined with fine craftmanship, we here at Cedar Peg will be glad to work with you no matter what stage your project is in. From start to finish we are here for you. And we ship anywhere! Your log home will arrive within 30 to 45 days if you live the continental United States.

Cedar Peg Log Homes will custom cut a kit to your floor plans. Erection of the Cedar logs is simple and basic with on-site assistance. Insect and rot resistance make it the right choice. Invest in Cedar logs, and make your dreams a reality.